Does God Love an Atheist More Than You? Possibly

As a general rule we try to avoid religious topics on this blog but this concept has been bleeding into my thoughts lately and was really spiked today by a comment from a church Deacon who showed up at a nursing home to offer Sunday service to the residents.

I don’t often admit it but I really am an Atheist. I’ve always believed God loved Atheists more because they weren’t always bothering him for stuff.

In short I guess that makes him a Roman Catholic Atheist. He’s not alone. I run into many who were raised Catholic and whether it was the buggering of alter boys, draconian views or whatever, these otherwise good people walked out of church one day and decades later never went back. Many are good people, volunteering their time in all sorts of places. This particular individual even stops bye at least once per day bringing his little dog to visit people in the nursing home. (You would be surprised just how many “good Christians” abandon their parent(s) at a nursing home. Some show up at Christmas, others don’t even bother then.)

Yes, I’m sure this post will inflame the mentally unhinged religious extremists of all faiths, but that’s a risk which must be taken. Most of them will burn in Hell anyway. They don’t believe it, but it is true. Why?

The ultimate sin of man is the forcing of ones religion upon another, thus removing “free will.”

If you use laws, arms, public shunning or any other form of coercion to force another to follow your religion in action, if not full practice, you have removed “free will,” thus committing the ultimate mortal sin. One has to choose, not be chosen for.

The frothing at the mouth religious extremists, in particular those seeking to force a religious decision which clearly violates the Constitution of the United States, will cry fowl and howl insults but it is a fact more and more people have come to realize. While there is a lot to be said about the Catholic church sex scandal driving members away, the real truth behind this Washington Post article is that people have come to realize the above stated fact and its follow on fact.

Most organized religion is about control and thus the removal of free will, the removal of choice.

I am continually surprised at the number of people I meet who regularly read/study the bible, lead good lives, and belong to no religion. They are more devout than most of those I meet claiming to be devout yet they do not inflict their personal religion or relationship with God on another.

Ordinarily Wikipedia is a highly unreliable thing on its best day, but this write up on free will was pretty well done.

Here is a question for the extremists reading this.

What becomes of tribes in the Rain Forrest or any other place remote enough for the Catholic church to not have sent troops to slaughter anyone the priests couldn’t force the religion upon? They’ve never seen a Bible, Quran, Torah or insert-religious-text-here. Even if they live a good and charitable life are they destined to burn in Hell at death without ever knowing why? If not, then are every one of them, no matter how they lead their life allowed into the Heaven (by whatever name) your religion speaks of simply because they never had any knowledge?



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