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I’m Glad Kentucky Flooded

They gave us Moscow Mitch who helped jury rig the selection of Supreme Court Justices allowing President Joe Manchin III to overturn Roe v Wade. I know many of you will call me names for saying this, but it’s about time all of the Christian Taliban living in that state found out God doesn’t love them. They have committed the Ultimate Sin of Man.

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Kentucky has been screwing America ever since they sent Moscow Mitch to Washington and sometimes it takes a biblical event before a dumb ass wakes up! It takes a lot of dumb-asses to put someone like Moscow Mitch in Washington.

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Van Jackson checks on his dog, Jack, who was stranded at a church by flood waters along Right Beaver Creek, in Garrett, Kentucky, following a day of heavy rain. Jackson, who owns an auto parts store in town says he doesn’t have flood insurance to cover his loss. July 28, 2022

Not a Bible Thumper

I am not a particularly religious individual. Yes I was raised Catholic and went through all of the sacraments kids have to go through then fell away from the church. I will not sit here before you to state that I have ever read the bible in its entirety because I haven’t. At least not that I know of. I might have read enough chunks for it to somehow be the total, but it wasn’t a conscious thing.

Having said that, I read and learned enough. Enough to know there is a singular sacred thing we were given. It’s not our soul. Not even our life. We were given free will and enough intelligence to know what that is. You must choose to follow a certain path without forcing others to do the same. Without free will you can never be “a good Christian.” Forcing your religion upon another means you can never be “right with the lord.”

You forget I was raised Catholic

There is no religion on the face of this planet that committed the Ultimate Sin of Man with more wanton abandon that the Catholic Church. That native Indian school thing is probably the only one you tie to them.

Goodness No!

It’s a looooong list of items where the Catholic Church and religious extremists who rise to the top command God’s work to be slaughter. If you want someone who fully understands the ultimate sin of man, you need to find a Catholic, especially one that took World History in high school.

On rare occasions we get a biblical event to let religious extremists know what they are doing is just plain wrong. Sadly, people who have nothing to do with the religion (or in this case didn’t vote for Moscow Mitch) get caught up in and harmed by said event. For those people I’m saddened.

Jim Croce – Which Way Are You Goin’

So here we sit. The Ultimate Sin of Man committed yet again. This time by putting people on the bench intent on engaging in flagrant Constitutional Malpractice to overturn Roe v Wade. I don’t want to take the time to find it right now, but WBEZ aired a great interview before the 2016 election. A scholar from Benedictine University whose name I don’t remember had written a . . . thesis for lack of the correct word . . . for all Christians telling all Christians that voting for Trump just to overturn Roe v Wade and ignoring all of his other non-Christian life was committing Religious Malpractice.


So yeah, I’m saddened those who aren’t part of the Christian Taliban and didn’t vote for Moscow Mitch got caught up in and possibly killed by the Kentucky flood. The reality is that religious extremists like the Christian Taliban need a biblical event to wake them up. You committed the Ultimate Sin of Man. You removed free will from all women in America. Pretty soon you will be taking away the right to vote, and go to school past the fourth grade. Don’t be surprised when women are no longer allowed to drive and cannot venture out of the house without being covered head to toe and accompanied by a male relative.

That’s the path you are on baby.

Why don’t you just move to Afghanistan since it is obviously the country you wish to live in? Take Moscow Mitch with you too!

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