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Cornel West is Running for President

A Friend told me Cornel West is running for President. I poked around and found the campaign Web site. Honestly I even donated a little money to him. Yeah, I know, third party candidates don’t do that well, but Cornel speaks some level headed stuff.

Liz Cheney gives me hope. Her interview “We’re electing idiots” hit the nail on the head. He even brought in Jill Stein to assist with the campaign build up.

Thinking people have to see that Marjorie Taylor Greene, “cheaper to have a kid” Boebert, and the rest of that crew are just an endless string of what should have been Jerry Springer guests. I mean the Reality TV nuts sent these people to Washington where they have to pass laws that matter and all they can do is chase media soundbites.


When you scroll down on his site you will come to his policies.

I will be the first to state I don’t agree with anything in the “End the Wars.” Nobody can enforce a global nuclear weapons ban and we all saw out the exit from Afghanistan went.

Afgans chasing C-17 airplane down runway

Most of the rest of it I actually like.

Education Needs to be Free Only If You Earn It

The guarantee a quality education is all well and good . . . in theory. First they have to fix this “credits don’t transfer” problem. When I attended KCC it had a kick-ass computer science program. They even had someone come talk to us from ISU telling us our credits would transfer. Today, what it has for computer science is totally embarrassing. They don’t even have anything for an Ag department which was huge when I attended. Trust me, I live on a farm out here. Agriculture didn’t go away.

I don’t want Junior College to be free unless you earn it. What do I mean by that? For the STEM programs it means you have the grades. If you have the grades then yes, odds of you becoming a problem child are small. When it is one of the programs for “the trades,” you don’t have to have the grades. They have to interview you and see if you have the aptitude. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein in “the trades,” but you do have to be good with your hands.

Out here I encounter quite a few people who have difficulty balancing a checkbook, but they can wire a house in two days or do a brake job on a vehicle in under an hour. We need those people! If you don’t believe that try fixing the HVAC in your home all by yourself when it is a hundred in the shade. If you have the aptitude and the Junior College has training programs for your trade of interest, yes, that should be free for you.

I don’t want Junior Colleges to become like Chicago Public schools with metal detectors, drug dealers, gangs, and drive by shootings. Keep the riff-raff out. Junior College needs to be only for people trying to make something of themselves.

Cornel – Here’s Your Secret Weapon

Trickle Down With a Chainsaw (also known as The Hundred Fold Rule). You can follow the link to read the article. I’ve written various flavors of that post many times over the decades. Anyone focused on taxes is focused on the wrong end of the problem.

Focus on Taxes – wrong end of problem
Proper end of problem

Tying the total compensation of executives at publicly traded companies to the lowest wage worker anywhere in the world working for their company boosts your tax revenue exponentially without raising taxes.

Make it a plank Cornel and you will make a huge free media splash as every news outlet runs multi-part shows analyzing it. Doesn’t matter if the low wage worker is Republican, Democrat, or something else. When the president is going to get you more income, that generally gets a vote.

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