Wild Child

Oddly enough “Wild Child” is a truly rewarding movie to watch. Given the non-existent description found on CafeDVD site, I have to believe I added it to my list because I recognized some names.

What? You don’t decide at the moment and stream them instantly. Nope. Streaming is for losers. DVD by mail is the correct solution. It keeps the time wasting content to a minimum allowing me time to actually work. You know these books, they don’t just magically appear. All of those geek posts on my personal blog site about how to do this or that, they don’t land on their screen out of their own volition.

So, every so often there is a rainy day where I have either finished writing or simply don’t feel like writing any more. On that day I go peruse the available title list for CafeDVD and add a few to my list. As of right now there are 326 DVDs in the list. I say DVDs instead of titles because they track and ship each DVD separately. If something is a multi-disk product like season-X of a show, each disk will have its own entry.

This is how you end up with movies showing up in your mailbox and you having no idea why they were on your list. In the case of “Wild Child” it was a very pleasant surprise.

The main character is a spoiled little Malibu brat. Total member of the Boo-Tan-Clan before that name got glommed onto by others. I’m told some spelled it Bu-Tan-Clan but Malibu kids != ability to spell so who knows. Finally does too bratty a thing and gets shipped off to boarding school in the English countryside. So far out there is almost no cell service and they are only allowed their cell phones during the weekend.

In truth this is a flip on the “boy being sent off to learn how to be a man” movie telling of yesteryear. It is truly well done. Anyone who liked the original “D.E.B.S.” movie should put this one in their queue to watch. It has that same “feel good coming of age” quality to it.

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