Review – Two Weeks Notice


I know, Two Weeks Notice has been out forever. Movies in the romance category have to be out there for a long time before I get around to watching them. Surprisingly Two Weeks Notice was a lot less chick-flick and much more comedy than the description lets on. It is worth a place on the rental queue.

Both Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant do incredible jobs of disappearing into character. It was also quite nice to see Hugh Grant has put behind him that 1995 incident getting to star with a big name like Sandra Bullock.

The real surprise with this movie doesn’t come with your initial watching. Put it away and a year or so later, the second viewing is just as good as the first. Yes, you already know how it is going to end and that doesn’t matter. The script is so well written and the actors do such a good job you enjoy it just as much, if not more.

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