Review – Styx (2001)

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I have seen Styx a few times since it came out. Peter Weller generally gives a good performance and tends to choose roles he can do well in. Since the Millenials won’t have any idea who he is I will tell them he played Admiral Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Styx is your basic diamond heist movie. It has a bit of a low budget feel to it. Not a Walmart made with forced labor in a work camp in China low budget feel, more of a J.C. Penny’s/Sears/Marshal Fields kind of budget instead of Neiman Marcus type budgets we expect out of Hollywood. That’s a fair critique since Lions Gate put this out. Of course big budget usually means big flop for Lions Gate so I guess I should be thankful this movie felt quite a bit cheaper.

This movie is a reliably decent 94 minutes. There is no one scene which sticks in my mind as particularly good or bad. I have seen others give it much lower star ratings, but I feel they are comparing this heist movie with massive budget heist movies.

Styx is worth putting on your rental list or saving from the $5 or less discount bin. As I said, I’ve seen it a few times over the course of its life. It has a very comfortable feel to it. You might even want to add it to your “the weather sucks outside” DVD collection.

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