China Takes a Shot
By: Date: April 14, 2020 Categories: Conspiracy Tags: , ,

Guest Contributor Frank Costanza, Pearl River Publishing Group When China decided to become the newest world superpower in 2008, they declared a quiet war on America and American influence. The fact we willingly squandered the natural advantage of our capitalist system by acceding to Chinese communist economic, trade, and intelligence forces have resulted in much…

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Is South Korea’s Health Care Better than U.S.?
By: Date: March 28, 2020 Categories: Experience,Thank You Sir May I Have Another Tags: ,

It certainly seems that way looking at the latest Coronavirus stats. As of this snapshot deaths are 37.6% of final outcomes in the U.S. where we pay more for drugs and services than any other country. In South Korea only 2.9% of the final outcomes were fatal. [ 1943 / (1943+3224) ~ 37.6%] Some will…

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Good Morning From Tranquility
By: Date: March 23, 2020 Categories: Landscapes
so pretty

Locked inside, fearing Coronavirus, hoarding toilet paper. Any other Monday morning snow would probably honk you off during your commute. Today you don’t have to commute, take in the beauty. As a child it filled you with wonder. Just for a moment be a child again. Remember the snow forts, the sledding, the joyous misspent…

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The Reality of Shelter in Place
By: Date: March 21, 2020 Categories: Aging,Experience,Finance,Russian Dolls,Thank You Sir May I Have Another Tags: , ,

Illinois, like many other places, is about to find itself under a “Shelter in Place” order. Currently it runs through April 7th. Other states and municipalities have different dates. The list of exceptions is a bit fuzzy. I was at the local auto supply store today and they were going to try and remain open….

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