Stories in the Music

I think I’m safe in saying that nearly everyone listens to music and among those who do, most enjoy music with lyrics as much as they do the pure sounds of an instrumental piece. As a writer I enjoy a […]

Why a New Car Costs So Much

Why a new car costs so much is one of the worst kept secrets in the automotive industry. It ain’t the unions, it’s the management. There have been articles in obscure or industry specific locations of the Web covering this […]

Stories and Maps

As an avid reader of fiction, I enjoy a globetrotting adventure with detailed place descriptions and lots of action.  When I’m fortunate enough to be transported while reading such a novel, I travel in the shoes of the main character imagining […]

Adding Ringtones to Kyocera DuraXV

Adding ringtones to your Kyocera DuraXV is rather straight forward . . . once you find the correct steps to follow. My crummy Convoy phone started to have problems most annoying. Any time one of my alarms would go off […]

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the blog for Interesting Authors! From time to time the authors in our little group will give you an opportunity to climb inside of their mind, at least, where their mind currently is, and see what’s going on […]

Review – Dallas Buyers Club

★★★★★ Dallas Buyers Club is a shockingly well done movie. I would put it on par with Philadelphia staring Tom Hanks. Dallas Buyers Club is also incredibly timely as the news is littered with drug company CEOs dramatically increasing drug […]