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Infinite Exposure – Pt. 24

The man in the suit had just finished reading his email when Umar came in to make his report. Hans and the Brit were there as well. Umar gave them a complete report and the translations for the messages concerning tunnel and trains. He was complimented on his team’s work and told to get some sleep for tomorrow. After he left, the man in the suit set Hans to hacking into the registration database for the email account providers and gave the IP addresses he had just received in his email to the Brit to run against the database. Within an hour, they had both completed their tasks. One of the IP addresses came from an Internet café in Lutton, England, the other came from a library in the same city. One of the email addresses was actually tied to a Lutton address.

The Brit wanted to immediately turn it over to a British special investigations unit, but the man in the suit stopped him. “What do we have to give them?” he asked.

“An address and a plot,” responded the Brit.

“Neither of which can be used to make an arrest,” was the counter argument. “We don’t even have a name or know whether the address is real. It could simply be a vacant lot. The only thing we can do is attempt to confirm the address, then have our own people put them under surveillance. Until they build a bomb or give us more explicit details, there is nothing that could be used as the basis for an arrest.”

“We should be able to nab them for questioning ourselves,” said the Brit.

Hans replied, “We will, once they have been under surveillance for a while and we can identify just whom to nab. We need to identify the person at the keyboard sending the email. This group is eager. They were sent back a request for more information. Something will let slip in the email by the time we have identified who is sending the email.”

“Give me all of the addresses. I will send them to our people in England and they will begin hanging out at the café and library. If the address is actually real for the email address, we will have someone watching there as well. It shouldn’t take too long to get logging software installed on every machine in each place. In less than two weeks we should be able to identify exactly who is sending the messages. If they are this eager to move, they should be having regular meetings with the rest of their cell. It won’t take long to nab the entire group. We just have to be certain we are getting the entire group,” said the man in the suit.

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