Review – Out of Death

Out of Death cover

Out of Death was one of a basket of movies Bruce Willis did last year. People made fun of a star that didn’t need the money making so many movies during the pandemic. We now know that Bruce has been diagnosed with a disease that is going to take away his ability to speak. Anyone who grew up watching Moonlighting finds a disease like that the cruelest he could have been given.

So Out of Death is Bruce Willis paying it back. He made a basket full of straight to video movies trying to help young actors climb the ladder. I don’t know if there is a particular order one is supposed to watch them. I started with this one. The cover had

From the producers of The Irishman and Lone Survivor

movie cover

That should really take that off. While I didn’t love Lone Survivor, I have high hopes for The Irishman which is still in my movie queue. Putting that on the cover set my expectations really high for this movie which then let me down.

It’s not a bad movie. Bruce Willis has slightly more than a bit role. One could almost say it’s an ensemble cast. The other actors need more experience though. The only way they are going to get it is if a big name actor like Bruce agrees to appear in a low budget film that goes straight to video so it has a chance at breaking even.

Had they chosen to market the movie up front like that I might have given it more stars

I respect what he is doing. I added all of the films to my rental list. It is my hope that we find some real diamonds in the rough. Maybe you will see more promise in the rest of the cast than I did.

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