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Mythica really needs to be binge watched over a few days. I really wish the font would add a good half star because as a whole this deserves 3.5 stars. Keep in mind this is a “not rated” made for television where little kids could watch it franchise. I noticed a few situations where they simply made up words to replace the very infrequent F-bomb or other cursing situations.

Mythica Movies in Order of Release Date

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes cover
Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (Dec. 2014)
Mythica: The Dark Spore (2015)
Mythica: The Necromancer (Dec. 2015)
Mythica: The Iron Crown (May 2016)
Mythica: The Godslayer (Nov. 2016)

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The Gist of the Story

This is your classic “knight’s quest” sans any nights. For the Dungeons & Dragons crowd, you have a thief, a warrior, and a wizard, muddling through an every changing quest as best they can. There is comic relief, some low-budget special effects, and a low budget script. If you have ever watched those old black & white westerns where someone supposedly gets shot, suddenly grabs some part of their body going “Oh! They got me!” You have an idea about the action. Nothing much in the way of blood, gore, or a good head severing despite the use of swords. Yes, they tried to make this so little kids could watch it.

Oh ye twelve pack and pizza television watching dudes will be depressed. Because they wanted kids to watch it this, you won’t have the scantily clad princess or buxom tavern wench falling out of her gown. No. They focused on the story (as best they could) rather than on your need for hormonal release.

Kevin Sorbo

I gotta thank Kevin Sorbo here. I think this was yet another vehicle to keep him ringing the cash register. When I saw he was in it, I knew it would be a bit cheesy. Hey, I own the entire Andromeda series. I’m not dissing him, his work, or this franchise. This dude has a likable look, easy on the ears voice, and has worked his ass off with television roles. Women are constantly complaining about Hollywood wanting them to be thin and sexy. From 1994-1999 Kevin made his living maintaining a body builder physique and lifestyle. Granted there are more roles for guys with beer guts than there are for women, but . . . if you want people to pay money for it, you have to serve up the eye candy.

Take a look at his IMDB actor credits. It even says there are 17 more coming. This is a guy who chose to earn the paycheck rather than serve the ego. When I saw he was part of this franchise I decided to watch it.

Melanie Stone

This is a girl that seems to have a wee bit of range in her acting. She also appears to morph for roles. I say that because this

Melanie Stone

Doesn’t really look anything like her role in this franchise.

Jake Stormoen

This guy has a surprising acting range. Both he and Melanie worked in Extinct, a TV series I’ve never seen. You will also find him in The Outpost, a series I’m currently watching on ElectricNowTV. I’m a good way through the first season and I have to say the dude can act. More importantly he can act and make you believe he can sword fight.

Adam Johnson

Every “quest” type tale needs a brooding chemical abusing soldier with a past. Adam delivers on this, especially in the first installment. He also made the journey to The Outpost. I’m kind of surprised Melanie didn’t also get chosen.


This is comfort food. When you are willing to endure some commercials to have comfort food for free, this is worth your time. It might even have a re-watchable factor. If you have already watched Rome or Game of Thrones and liked something else Kevin Sorbo was in, you are not going to feel cheated. In fact, you will have a fun time recognizing faces and voices of actors that had lesser roles in those franchises.

There was a period in the 1990s where studios kept using the same actors over and over in different films. Maybe it would be a huge hit. Perhaps it would just be a cult film like Starship Troopers. The re-use of actors provided comfort food to the audience. None of them had a big name draw, but when they were in the same projects, it drew a lot of people.

For those of you who know what I’m talking about in that last paragraph, this little franchise is for you.

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