Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 8


Featured image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

That statement brought her up short. “I never said I had kids.”

“You didn’t have to. You are wearing a charm bracelet and in this geographical area, they aren’t a religious thing. You have three different charms after a baby bottle. If I remember what an old woman told me, two boys and one girl.”

She stared into my eyes as she placed the order over the phone. I debated handing her a 50 for a second, but knew that, other than this bar, not a retailer around here would take a bill that large. Another pair of 20’s ended up in her hand. Besides being great food, Chinese takeout is usually cheap. She ordered a lot of different dishes before I heard my Mongolian Chicken and Mike’s egg rolls.

“Not many men can read a charm bracelet. Are you sure you aren’t gay?”

“Just go get the food, and don’t forget to drop your kids meals off.”

“They are with my mom now. They’ve already had supper for tonight, but somehow I think they will be up for a second meal.”

She stood and gathered up her purse then said “I’ll be back in 45 minutes. Do me a favor and still be here.”

“How can I leave? My supper doesn’t get here until you do, nor does my wine.”

“I’ve had guys do worse and you aren’t the kind of guy I could have one of these Ogers, as you call them, find.”


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