Dream Recorder – Pt. 2

Dream Recorder

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Bobby still loved her as his sister even if he did keep his distance from her more now. That was part of the reason for his extravagant lifestyle. It kept him away from her. He loved her but he feared her. Any time it started to look like this entire thing would fly apart sending them both to jail Gina fixed it. Not just fixed it, completely destroyed anyone who posted anything bad about them or tried to come at them legally. The most frightening part in all of it was nobody knew it was her. Nobody except Bobby. Someone else always took them out. Companies folded, prominent citizens or politicians went to prison or were otherwise reduced to flipping burgers for a living because of one scandal or other.

The only people who scared her were the old powerful people. The ones who didn’t own idiot phones. Thankfully they usually had kids, relatives or business partners who behaved badly and in this always connected social media world she could unleash a nuclear strike via tens of thousands. Still, she had brokerage accounts and paper shells in numerous countries. Some of those countries had no extradition treaties with America. Always good to have a backup plan and influence over a politician with diplomatic passport and access to a private jet. If something bad ever did come down she was going to fight with different soil under her feet until the war was over and she had won.

“Bobby, my genius little brother, you may soon be the only family I have.”

They had always been close growing up. Parents were always working. Gina’s mother was not a beauty, great or any other kind. Truth be told a bowl of vanilla ice cream was sexier than her most days of the year. Those genes had been passed to Gina along with her brains. Bobby had to have been the result of a one night stand with a pool boy. He was gorgeous and her dad was, well, not. She had always meant to ask about that but now it wouldn’t be right. If it was true the stress of admitting it might finally put her under.

Genius parents begat genius children. What she lacked in looks Gina doubled down on in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) world. At least the technology and math part of STEM. She could see the solutions to problems not yet known and, more importantly, how to make tools which cause problems nobody could discover.

High school can be torture for a plain smart girl. The “in” crowds were always either the good looking people or the trouble makers. Those who aced every exam and didn’t party couldn’t just drift through to a diploma and the real world. They had to endure the cliques. Gina’s personal torturer had been Lindsey. A blue eyed blonde cheerleader with a perfect body who was a raving bitch to anyone less beautiful. Around her parents she behaved like something out of a Disney Glee Club movie but Lindsey partied hard and screwed harder. If anyone made trouble for her there would be a dozen guys who either had slept with her or wanted to be next in line that would risk jail beating that person into the ground. In high school she was untouchable. She had a wealthy connected family who could make just about anything go away while they were searching for a suitable sire for their grandchildren. Gina had actually heard them use that phrase once. It stuck with her because it was like something out of “Game of Thrones.”

Lindsey had been her personal torment and how this whole thing got started.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Greg. Don’t really know how far this will go yet, but, it was two afternoons of really productive writing.

    Everything stems from our trials and tribulations in high school. That’s where the monsters get created, all because a teacher can’t crack their ass with a paddle anymore.

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