Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 70


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“Sorry” I responded. “Took a vacation. My mind is a big place.”

“Thinking about Henry?” asked Giant.

“Couldn’t give a rat’s ass about him at the moment” I answered. “I was thinking about the condoms.”

“You think that sweet looking thing is going to be one?” was Giant’s follow up question.

“You really are bi aren’t you?” I couldn’t help but ask. Slim had been taking a drink of iced tea at the time. Some of it even came out his nose as it went across the table all over Stretch. This was really too nice a place for as loud as we were laughing after that. Without being asked the waiter placed the bill on our table offering to take it when we were ready. They hadn’t even pitched us desert yet. That was a polite “Get the fuck out of here.”

After throwing some cash in the thing we walked out. Honestly, I didn’t check to see if it covered the bill. I know I threw a fifty and some singles in and the Acrobats threw some bills ending with a zero. We didn’t even close that black vinyl check wallet. Just left it laying open on the table covered in money. If that wasn’t enough, screw ‘em.

Back out on the street our phones all went off. It was the info about our next job. “Not certain what I will do with that knowledge, but it’s good to have” I said into the air.

“What knowledge?” asked Giant. Nice guy, but a long way from the sharpest tool in the shed.

“How long it takes between a corporate assignment dispatch and it hitting our phones” answered Stretch.

“We don’t really know” spoke up Slim looking at his phone. “I can’t believe the original assignment had all four of us riding in a rental car from up the street.”

“I suspected there were parts of the process Pretty Little Thing was not privy to, for example, logistics. Why do you think we all have to carry a company issued phone? It’s not just for semi-secure communications. It is so they can car pool us or send someone who is close by to either bail out or terminate one of us.”

“It couldn’t have been like this when you started” stated Stretch. “No offense Old timer, but I gotta believe the only reason you put up with the bullshit is that you don’t know how to do anything else. Field reports. After action meetings. Getting called into HR over a token from a job. The bullshit is getting old.”

“Today is the first I’ve ever heard about field reports. You heard how things went the last few times HR called me in for anything. Just what is an after action meeting?” I asked.

“Your Kidding!” all three exclaimed in unison loudly enough to make other pedestrians turn to look.

“Keep it down” I said calmly. “We need to get to the transportation, and I need to head back south. Which one of you is the vehicle supposed to be for?” I asked looking at Slim.

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