Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 44


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“The elitists have been planning this for decades” she responded. “The extermination of the working class. But first they had to take away the guns of the people. When early efforts failed they began a campaign to purge corporal punishment from the school system, knowing full well it would lead to an epidemic of bullying which would lead to school shootings and once the school shootings became frequent enough, guns would be taken away from everyone but the criminals. This is coming from someone who, until this housing park became a trailer park in the worst sense of the term, never thought about or owned guns.”

“No totalitarian government can last long trying to oppress and armed population. The population will either overthrow them or decimate them to the point another country sends troops in to wipe them out. Read up on how it turned out for Marie Antoinette. Ultimately that is the end game of the coastal elites. They wish to return to a society of feudal lords and peasants who have no rights. They’ve already bought the government, now they wish to enslave the people, particularly the people in the fly-over states, imposing their will upon what they consider the unwashed masses. You do know that many of the politicians in Washington refer to us as that don’t you? The great unwashed masses.”

I nodded confirmation.

“Let me ask you a question” she continued.


“Why do you think they couldn’t find a reason for the Las Vegas shooter who shot up that country and western concert?”

“Honestly, I didn’t much think about it” I responded.

“Because he is what the elitists running the news media have been trying to create. Someone who wants the immortality only the news media can offer. When they dug into his background they could find no financial, mental, medical or political reason. He had achieved pretty much all he wanted in life, except unending fame. Now, the news media has broadcast his story granting him massive fame and they have archived said fame for future generations. At some point their will be Web shrines for most, if not all of them, inspiring yet another crop of jihadists serving not a warped definition of a religion, but the elitists whose current goal is to remove guns from the hands of the citizens they wish to rule completely.”

After a spot of silence I spoke up. “Well, my dear, there is merit to your claim. I do remember the police chief saying something along the lines of what you said and the news media completely ignoring it. In truth the only ones who need to know what they aired are the people in law enforcement. Ideas, once loosed, are hard to contain. Especially now that Syphilis Willie’s Global Village covers so much of the world and has no Global Village Council. Talk about a failure of biblical proportions. Creating the Internet without establishing a governing body first. Now it has, quite literally, turned into unregulated street vendors selling nuclear weapons. Well, close enough to nukes.”

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