Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 43


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Melony paused for a breath then continued, “Still, the news media will run the last attack 24×7 until the next attack, giving the terrorist group far more influence than they ever could get on their own. The news media gets more eyeballs and more advertising dollars. Oh they don’t stop with the attack, they dig into who the bomber was, their family, everything. They don’t stop digging and running it until the next attack. You may never get your however many virgins, but you will be immortalized in on-line news footage forever.”

“That’s why you’re seeing more mass shootings now. The elitists who run the news agencies have found a way to push their agenda onto the populous while increasing their revenues. They believe if they can cause one more school shooting or one more slaughter they will finally get the one thing they fear most taken away from anyone who could challenge them. When you own the government, all you have to fear is the people. They can all be dictators without taking the blame for anything.”

Melony moved closer to look me directly in the eyes and said “I’m not the only one who believes this. It’s no longer a nutter conspiracy theory but a fact working its way into the collective conscience of the population. One of our patients likes to listen to NPR. One of their shows was talking about whatever the latest mass shooting was and I remember it because they read a communication from some highly educated psychology person and had prefaced it by saying the person had been on the show before. I’m paraphrasing now, but it went something like”

The next mass shooter is listening to your broadcast right now. They are gathering their ideas and formulating a plan based on what you have covered before to ensure they will have unending fame.

“I always think back to the first police news conference after, I think it was Sandy Hook, where the police chief said he was not going to name the shooter and told the media neither should they. The worst thing they could do is give fame to someone who had committed such a heinous act. What did the news media do? They found out his name, mom’s name and pretty much everything about him to fill the air time.”

“You probably don’t know this, but there are Web sites, some of which are on the Dark Web, set up as shrines to the two kids who shot up Columbine. Chat rooms and message forums where other kids worship them while planning their own school slaughters.”

Melony paused for a minute allowing her tirade to sink in. Finally I asked “would you care to summarize all of that or do you want me to figure it out on my own?”

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