Review – Gigantic (2008)

★★★★☆ Gigantic is one of those Indie films you have to be in the mood to see. Yes, I’m going to watch it again. You can watch it for free on Tubi and a few other free streaming services. (Hopefully […]

Watch Dewey Do-er

It’s funny how stories from one’s childhood pop up at odd times. Almost as funny as how most ten minute small talk conversations hop through at least seven topics before they end. Nobody knows why, they just do. During a […]

Crypto Apocalypse

When I wrote The Minimum You Need to Know About the Phallus of Agile I warned you of the upcoming Crypto Apocalypse. Y’all really should read that book! Basically any trust based algorithm fails if you tell a big enough […]

Review – Atomic Blonde

★★★★☆ I really liked Atomic Blonde. There were quite a few people emptying their colons on this movie, but I’m not one. Most seemed to be Christian Taliban with a severe hangup about a female agent picking up a woman […]

Review – The Outpost (2018-2021)

★★★★☆ The Outpost series was nicely done. Yes, there is a “big block O cheese” factor going on because it was made for kids by the CW. You can only have so much carnage and “adult” topics in TV-14. At […]

Review – Vengeance: A Love Story

★★★☆☆ Vengeance: A Love Story is a bit of a difficult movie. It’s more thriller than action. Much of the movie centers on how one not-good family near Niagra Falls could make life a living Hell for a single mother. […]