Just How Far Below the Bottom Will Trump Supporters Go?

Just when you think the ethics, morals, decency, and IQ of Trump supporters couldn’t go any lower, it drops another 30 feet. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz really have taken it upon themselves to prove no form of life is too low for a Trump Supporter. Actually attempting to hold a news conference on Tuesday July 27, 2021 calling the terrorists who stormed the capital on January 6th “political prisoners.” On the same day four of the officers involved who came close to losing their lives in the carnage…

I Blame the Media

We’ve seen this movie before. Media hypes up gymnast right in front of Olympics and the egg cracks. Today it was Simone Biles. Featured image by diema from Pixabay Today the news is all a tither about Simone having to bail. Physically fine, mentally not okay. If you are of a certain age, you remember a pretty young blonde girl the media hyped relentlessly. Doing a big spread with her by the balance beam because she was the world’s best on it or something like that. She was the new…

Cat needs a good home by winter

A cat needs a good home by winter. He’s living the life of Riley now, but he will need to find some place warmer come winter. Life on a farm during an economic downturn always brings the same thing, people dumping pets off. They don’t want to pay the fees at a shelter and can’t afford to feed/neuter/whatever so they take a trip to the country and dump them off. Usually it is the dogs and the coyotes kill them first night. We’ve got a really bad coyote problem out…

Why do I need to go to college?

Every year about this time I hear much the same question floating around. “Why do I need to go to college?” It’s usually followed by something like “my friend is working at Walmart for $12/hr.” If that Walmart is in Cook County, it is now $15/hr thanks to new laws. Yes, I’ve written about the minimum wage before. I’ve even written about Voodoo Economics. There is even an essay in my new book titled The More You Are Paid the Less You Are Worth. The American dream means you start…

Thank You FTC

On this Independence Day Weekend I want to send out a big heartfelt thanks to the boys and girls at the FTC for their work on robocalls. The FTC was pretty much a useless agency under the tutelage of President Trump, the most worthless President in the history of man; now that adults are back in the White House, we have adults operating the FTC and adults go to work. I’ve written about robocalls before. With the do-nothing Trump White House people got conditioned to either turn on “allow contacts”…



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