About Us

Perhaps you’ve landed on this page because you're curious and maybe wonder who the interesting authors are and what they do. There is a story behind everything and the five authors that comprise this collaborative group share a number of common experiences. Each author has at least one published piece of fiction on the market.

As independently published authors, all have experienced working with a publisher and dealt with the challenges of marketing their work. All recognize the rapid evolution that has taken place in the publishing industry as a result of digital media and the availability of print on demand resources. With an understanding of the synergy that occurs when sharing networks and marketing channels, each author freely offers their individual talents to the greater good of the whole.

A common interest in what these authors read and write fall into a range of genre that could be categorized by any of the following: mystery, thriller, techno-thriller, contemporary dystopian fiction, and even some historic fiction. Reading, reviewing, beta reading and honest criticism are the cornerstones of support leveraged by each of the Interesting Authors. You can read about additional musings by Interesting Authors on the i.a. Blog.

Read the individual author biographies. Get familiar with some of their recently published novels and if you like what you see and read, don’t hesitate to share via your favorite social media channel.