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They don’t matter. Untraceable custom rounds are going the way of the Dodo bird. Today’s kids seem to be focusing on making illegal drones and mounting a .22 caliber or slightly larger rifle underneath. I’ve heard some just mount a handgun under the thing thinking they will get plenty of shots. Then they learn the reality of recoil. Lightweight plastic don’t like it. All of those traceable drone parts fall out of the sky when it snaps apart.”

Drones are quickly replacing us. Well, me anyway. They are everywhere and almost impossible to regulate. Anyone with a bit of electrical engineering can assemble a rather big one. If you have your own tiny machine shop in a basement, you can even make most of the components using 3D printers and salvaged motors from cast off household appliances. A good hacker can get into the direct feed from Google and other map satellites to track a target. Determine their outdoor pattern and the optimal time on target. Someone who always wears a face covering hood outside attracts the attention of local law enforcement, not generally something the people we are sent for wish to do.”

Those little hackers we saw back at the office. Some of them have acquired targets stupid enough to install Internet based security systems in their homes. Not just security, a ‘smart home.’”

I can see defeating the security, but offing someone via that?” questioned Slim.

Oh, in the smart home, it controls everything” I countered. “Including the fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Turn off the alarms. Close the furnace vent. Turn the furnace on and while you are at it turn on the oven and anything else which burns gas. By morning the deed is done and if you reset everything, authorities are befuddled.”

The kids in that room and the kids making the drones, they are replacing us. It will take some time, but that is the future. We will only be necessary when it comes to drug lords hiding in jungles too thick for drones and having no tech.”

Kind of like the terrorists hiding in deserts and mountains” offered up Giant.

Not so much” I answered.

How so” asked Stretch. “We’ve had to go take out cells.”

Cells someone already did all of the legwork on,” I stated, “and probably not too many. Eventually the rules of engagement will relax and militaries will realize those expensive missiles they fire from drones won’t let them win. Too much collateral damage. They will demand ultra quiet drones firing bullets from much lower altitudes. Anyone walking around outside with an AK-47 or other military weapon will just be paper to punch. Currently the industrial complex is against it because bullets are cheap and those missiles are profitable. Quiet drones which carry a rifle with hundred round magazine in much lower orbit are dramatically cheaper than those massive altitude missile launchers. Everyone knows it. So far nobody is pushing any government to go that route.”

You really have been in this business too long if you think about this stuff” said Slim.

If you want to know the truth of the matter, I don’t know how it is any government allows a soldier to be killed or wounded by a cell phone detonated explosion of any kind” I answered.

Do you really think they could jamb every phone in every conflict zone for years on end” asked Stretch.

No” I answered. “I think a room full of kids like the ones we saw could hack into every cell and sat-phone carrier network forcing them to dial every cell phone number once ever so many minutes. Persons assembling the bombs would go boom often enough for them to seek another method. Honestly, I think that is why you rarely hear about those type of detonators in America. There are so many political pollsters, ‘Windows Company’ and IRS phone scams sequentially dialing every potential phone number in America that whoever tried it probably already went boom and word got around that wasn’t such a good idea.”

That’s a lot of phone calls” said Slim as the burner phone rang.

Five bucks says they are calling about a virus they detected on his computer” I shouted reaching for money.

Twenty says it is the IRS” chimed in Stretch.

Another twenty says it is a call about his Google listing” piped up Giant.

What? I don’t get to pick one?” asked Slim.

Pick whatever isn’t taken and answer the phone” I said.

Fare enough, but you guys took all of the good ones” responded Slim.

He put the phone on speaker and answered.


Ello tiz Bill from Weendows Company tech support. I calling because product registration has expired. You must send prepaid debit card . . . amount $100 . . . to renew registration.”

Hoots, hollers and cheers filled the vehicle as Slim hung up. We laughed so hard I farted and man it stunk.

Thank God there’s a moon roof to suck that shit out!” hollered Slim as he pushed the button. “Just for that you don’t get paid!”

Damn! You need to wipe after that!” shouted Stretch.

I wasn’t getting paid anyway” I responded between laughs. “I said it was the virus scam and you got everything else.” I fished out a twenty and handed it to him. The other two did the same.

And to think, we get to play that game all the way to where we are going” I stated after they had all paid up.

This phone has been on for less than a day” said Slim.

Sequential dialers, gotta love ‘em” I stated. “Same tools political pollsters use are now being used by other biological entities at the same life form level.”

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about political pollsters” chuckled Slim.

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