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Gregory S. Lamb

Author of The People In Between and A Dangerous Element. Recently retired from his first profession, now he is a writer with credibility. Basking in the anonymity of his age,Greg is a collector of stories. Many of them are garnered from the people he meets while adventuring near and far... Read more.

Roland Hughes

The president of Logikal Solutions, a business applications consulting firm specializing in VMS platforms. Hughes serves as a lead consultant with over two decades of experience using computers and operating systems originally created by Digital Equipment Corporation (now owned by Hewlett-Packard)...Read more.

Jeffrey Allen Mays

Born in the fabled and wartorn city of Memphis, Tennessee, the youngest of three sons in an oil-business family. His father’s work required them to relocate every two or three years to cities around the American south and southwest, but included a three year residence in Sydney, New South Wales, in the faraway land of Australia...Read more.

Frank J. Wilem

An entrepreneur living in Gulfport, Mississippi with his wife, Dee Dee, and daughter, Brittany. Frank’s love for the sea blossomed during his high school years at West High in Torrance, California when a friend convinced him to snorkel off Lunada Bay in Palos Verdes. When it was his turn to use the mask, one look beneath the chilly Pacific waters and he was hooked...Read more.

Oliver F. Chase

Oliver grew up on military bases throughout the country. Like all boys, he played good guys and bad, although he usually favored the good. Coaxing him into an afternoon of baseball or hiking the Southern California hills didn’t take much unless a book got in the way...Read more.